Cream City Composites Produces High Performance, Lightweight Carbon Fiber Components for Motorsports

We specialize in carbon, but can also produce parts with fiberglass and Kevlar.

Who We Are

Cream City Composites is a Wisconsin-based composites designer and manufacturer supplying carbon fiber composite components for the motorsports industry, including: cars, motorcycles, racing vehicles, snowmobiles, ATV’s, small aircraft, and speed boats.

We are committed to delivering composite parts that meet only the highest quality standards that exceed our customers’ expectations.


We know that quality and exact fit are crucial for our customers. Our production process enables us to closely monitor all phases of production.

Made in the U.S.A.

We use only the highest-grade carbon fiber raw material in all of our products—the same materials used in aviation, aerospace, and Formula 1.


Whatever the industry or the complexity of the component, we deliver on-time, every time.


Our advanced, vertically integrated manufacturing facility allows us to achieve your exact design and performance requirements even in the most demanding projects.

Why Carbon Fiber?

FACT: As one of the strongest and lightest materials available today, carbon fiber is 5x stronger, 70% lighter than steel, and 40% lighter than aluminum.

Carbon Fiber Benefits

What Customers are Saying: